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“You are rocking with the smooth DJ Crys Classics!”


DJ Crys Classics is a master of making people feel good and taking them on a musical journey. By utilizing smooth blends, mashups, and hyping the crowd with her energetic personality both as an MC and DJ, followed by her infectious DJ booth dance moves; Classics shines on stage as a true performer. Her sets are tailored for any audience whether it be a festival or special event, and her ability to read the crowd is unparalleled. She keeps everyone on their toes; never able to guess which song is next as she drops classics from the 1950s mixed in with everything in between all the way to radio hits of today.


Originally born in the Bronx, and raised in New Jersey, DJ Crys Classics recently relocated to Columbus, OH.


She began DJing at 16 for high school parties using her iPod and learned quickly how her vast musical knowledge paired with dynamic personality could generate a huge effect on a live audience. Weaving together sets is her specialty incorporating all genres and eras seamlessly. Classics is a true pioneer of culture cohesion and a proud member of the LGBTQIA community! 


Classics fell in love with what we now call “The Classics” early on. Her Mom woke her up every day to music playing and the car stereo was never below volume 20: a hint to why Crys Classics loves her music loud and heavy bass bumping to say the least! Her Mom, along with her sister and grandmother introduced her to different genres and different eras of music. Classics grew up grooving to legendary acts such as Michael Jackson, Luther Vandross, Mary J. Blige, Brandy, Biggie Smalls, A Tribe Called Quest all the way to Madonna and Aerosmith just to name a few. DJ Crys Classics remembers distinctly when she was listening to a DJ blending two tracks live on radio station 107.5 WBLS, one acappella over an instrumental, for the first time, and her Mom turned to her and said “You hear that? That’s DJing!” Ever since that day, DJ Crys Classics fell in love with the art of DJing, especially how someone could take finished songs and blend them together to create something new (aka mashups or remixes). This is what intrigues her about spinning records, and she aspires to become a famous traveling DJ one day. 


When she was very young, she used to set up mock concerts in her room surrounded by stuffed animals pretending to be a member of NSYNC and the Backstreet Boys using a broom stick as a microphone. And till this day she enjoys sing-a-longs with her audiences and feels it is one of the most rewarding moments as a DJ to see her audience recite all the lyrics to a track when she drops it in the set. When she was a kid, she used to chant out “You down with OPP, yeah you know me” [lyrics from Naughty by Nature’s O.P.P.] with no understanding of what that meant at the time, but she just felt the love for the song and the way it brought emotions to the surface. That was the blueprint of her childhood.


DJ Crys Classics believes music has the power to bring back beautiful memories for listeners and transport them back to a time in their life.  From experience, music has the power to connect people and unite them together! 


Classics strives to inspire creativity, to encourage people to be true to themselves, and to have fun with whatever your passions are in life. She wants to be remembered for this and have a huge impact on her crowd through the joy she brings to them during her performances. DJing is Classics’ gift and a gift that must be shared.


Her influences include DJ Kid Capri, DJ Kevie Kev Rockwell, DJ Gully, DJ Cassidy, Kaytranada, and so many more. Genres span from Old-School R&B to Hip-Hop to Disco and Tech House, Nu-disco, Jersey Club, Pop and she even loves Classic Rock.

As seen wowing crowds at Stonewall Pride Festival and Breakaway Fest, remember her name now because DJ Crys Classics is taking her career to the top! There is no doubt her audiences will feel the love and passion she puts into every set because DJ Crys Classics is a true master of emotions and memories through the art of DJing.

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You were definitely the hype man for the night! Thank you! You were ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!!!!!! Thank you for turning the party up for me! Everyone left saying it was the dopest party they've ever been to  

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